Learn To Listen

“I truly believe there is another way than screaming, staying upset, or saying nothing at all and crystalize bitterness, where the trust is being broken.”

Sonja T. Wood | M.S. Ch. E, High Conflict Resolution Expert

You deserve the best that a relationship can offer.


Do you feel this weight on your chest? Do you keep thinking over and over of what you could have said or do differently?


“I shouldn’t have said that. 

-I should have said something instead of just standing there.

-Why did I agree to this !? I really didn’t want to…

-Grrr! That just makes me SO mad! 

-Yeah, whatever you want. Just let’s not fight again. 

-I’m FINE! whatever. 

-Don’t overreact… it’s not that a big deal.”

You might have been used to…

… satisfy others despite your own needs, not saying a clear, firm and friendly No, feeling guilty when putting a boundary, avoiding conflict, feeling overwhelmed by criticism, and maybe knowing a toxic person… 

It is time to step up, bold and proud of who you are.


Lead yourself in life by having the power to influence how others will treat you. 

Let me introduce myself…


I completed my master’s degree in chemical engineering from the European School of Chemistry and Polymers in Strasbourg, France, and worked for 6 years as a chemical engineer in various petrochemical industries in Germany before becoming a Mediator in 2019. I trained in mediation theory and practice with the Institute for Mediative Communication and Diversity in Berlin, Germany, at which time I chose to serve full time as an independent consultant.

During my time as an engineer, I witnessed the impact that a lack of communication skills had on the companies, management, and employees I worked with. Motivated by this experience, I chose to focus my work as an Interpersonal Relationships and Conflict Management Specialist, teaching programs that offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to maximize their organizational and personal effectiveness by developing their conflict management and human relations skills, resulting in a more fulfilling personal, family or professional life.

Today, I have created my own online course designed to help people develop their self-awareness and self-mastery in order to improve their conflict management and human relations skills. I am also now one of the experts for training and coaching at the High Conflict Institute. I also continue to improve my communication and leadership skills as an active member of Toastmaster International, where I have received several local accolades for my public speaking skills.

We've already been working together...



Creating a world where it becomes easier to talk, even when it doesn’t seem easy. A world where we choose to grow together instead of blaming, criticize or judge each other. Developing our capacity to master our thoughts, emotions and actions in difficult situations changes everything in every aspect of our lives and improve our relationships beyond any expectations. 


Because I know that we can all prosper professionally and personally and create authentic relationships based on respect and tolerance by developing our conflict resolutions skills: dealing with difficult situations with confidence and assertiveness


My knowledge in conflict management as a Mediator, my expertise as an Expert in High Conflict Resolution, practical exercises to stay proactive, my research and readings about neuroscience, a structured work focused on resolution, and of course, an active listening, tolerant and free of judgement. 


My 6-months online course “Immersion SELF-MASTERY” allows you to develop your self-mastery by developing many skills: leadership, emotional management, active listening, capacity to understand others, tolerance, compassion, empathy, ability to deal with difficult situations, critical thinking, analytical skill, problem solving skill, communication, etc.. 

The 3 pillars of Self-Mastery

Price: 3197$/pers. (6-months commitment). 


Just an FYI the Live Labs went great today! Your coaches were amazing and very helpful with their critiques of our attempts to BIFF and EAR. We are excited to start incorporating these methods into our interactions with our buyers.
dec. 2022

"J'avais du mal à m'exprimer devant les autres, à communiquer sans avoir peur du regard des autres et oser dire NON! ... Sonja est tombée pile poil au bon moment. Elle m'a permise de relativiser et de travailler sur des évènements de ma vie que j'avais mis de côté ... elle arrivait à s'adapter à chacune de mes réponses ... Ca a été 1h30 où j'ai pu m'exprimer, Sonja a complètement été à l'écoute et m'a apporté plein de pistes de réflexion ..."
woman, redhead, female
oct. 2020
"J’ai ressentie une véritable écoute et empathie de la part de Sonja lors de notre entrevue, ce qui m’a bien aidé à rendre cet entretien constructif pour ce que je vivais à ce moment là et après. Elle a su me faire comprendre les différentes manifestations des conflits et comment mieux les appréhender et les surmonter. Elle a su me donner de bonnes bases de travail pour l’acquisition de cette meilleur communication que je recherche."
female, woman, anonymous
oct. 2020
"J'ai beaucoup aimé faire une séance avec Sonja, qui a une écoute très douce [...] Sonja m'a montrée une approche ludique et créative pour venir en profondeur, au coeur de mes souvenirs , de mes émotions cristallisées et croyances [...] libération par le dessin [...] Cette séance m'a fait beaucoup de bien et m'a donné envie de reprendre les activités manuelles pour les associer à la compréhension de mes émotions."
user, female, girl
janv. 2021
"J'ai découvert la médiation de conflits avec Sonja à un moment où je ne voyais plus le bout du tunnel dans certaines de mes relations. Sonja m'a rassurée, écoutée et m'a permise, par la médiation de conflits, de me recentrer sur l'essentiel et d'enfin accepter de prendre du recul face à une situation, de prendre le temps de l'analyser et de comprendre ce que je pouvais faire pour que ça change. Accepter de prendre en compte ma part de responsabilité pour analyser et trouver des solutions [...]"
user, female, girl
avril - mai 2021
" [...] Sonja a su m'apporter un vrai soutien grâce à des outils définis de gestion de conflits, une trame à suivre précise et rassurante. Mais également un accompagnement dans ma recherche de ce que je veux vraiment, ce dont j'ai besoin dans la vie, au-delà même des conflits. Je recommande Sonja aux personnes qui se posent des questions sur "comment avancer vers quelque chose de nouveau, prendre un nouvel envol", ' comment se sortir d'un schéma conflictuel répétitif, aux personnes qui se demandent, mais pourquoi " je suis toujours en colère ou toujours triste ". Je pense que dans le fond, tout le monde à besoin de se remettre en question sur la manière de gérer des conflits et d'exprimer ses envies ou ses besoins. "
user, female, girl
avril - mai 2021


Mediation Certification, IMK BERLIN 
Institut für Mediative Kommunikation und Diversity-Kompetenz (IMK),  
Berlin, Deutschland
in cooperation with:
Berlin, Deutschland
Conflict Influencer Certification,
  San Diego, USA
Mediation for domestic violence,
  San Diego, USA
Coaching for BIFF Method®
  San Diego, USA
Micromaster “Humanities and Soft Skills” with University Tec de Monterey x edX